What is the summary of the silver sword???

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Ian Serriallier’s The Silver Sword presents a narration of how the Balicki family was separated by the Second World War. Bronia, Edek, and Ruth are torn apart from their parents when their mother is sent to work in Germany and their father is sent to a prison camp. Desperate to reunite with their parents, the children embark on an interesting and breathtaking journey. During their journey, they meet Jan, who stores the silver sword in a treasure box that was handed over to him by Balicki. To them, the Silver Sword is a strong symbol of hope. At the end of the war, the children succeed in reuniting with their parents in Switzerland. Certainly, after five years of astounding grief and deprivation, the Balickis are very different from how they were some years back. The children are already grown up. However, with time, they are ready to reestablish themselves.

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