An Astrologer's Day Questions and Answers
by R. K. Narayan

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What is the summary of the short story "An astrologer's Day"?

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In the short story "An Astrologer's Day," the main character is the astrologer. He makes his living while predicting his customers' futures. During an average day, the astrologer sits at the same little place everyday, near a public park, awaiting customers. By nightfall, the astrologer uses the light of his neighboring vendors:

He begins his work every day at midday in a public place under a large tree that is close to a public park in his town. The place chosen for his work is generally full of people who pass by or gather there, such as customers attracted by vendors of nuts, sweetmeats, and other snacks. It is a place poorly lighted in the evening, and because the astrologer has no light of his own, he must depend on what light comes from the flickering lamps kept by neighboring vendors; a dully lighted, murky place is best for his purpose.

During this night, a potential customer walks by. The astrologer tries to get him to stop. The customer does not seem interested at first. He seems to be ridiculing the astrologer, accusing him of being a fake. Just as the customer lights a cheroot, the astrologer catches a glimpse of the customer's face. He recognizes him as a man that the astrologer had left for dead years ago.

When the astrologer realizes who Guru is, the astrologer tries to back out of the agreement. Guru will not hear of it. He demands the astrologer tell him what has happened to the man who assaulted him with a knife and threw him in a well, leaving him for dead.

The astrologer begins to share that Guru's attacker is dead. He shares the details of the assault. Guru is amazed at the astrologer's accuracy. Satisfied that his attacker is indeed dead, Guru throws money at the astrologer.

The astrologer escapes with his life. Guru never suspects that it was the astrologer who left him for dead.

When the astrologer arrives home, he is grateful to be alive. He also is relieved to know he did not kill a man whom he thought he had killed. A weight is lifted off the astrologer's shoulders. He made it through another day and what turns out to be a precarious evening at work.

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