What is the summary for Seven Wonders by Ben Mezrich?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Seven Wonders is a true thriller (although not a horror piece) in that the pace is staggering and the description of the worldly backdrops is breathtaking.  The novel was long awaited in that Mezrich hadn't written another since 2001.  This one focuses of the Seven Wonders of the World, and rightly so.

At the beginning of this novel, which will be the first in a trilogy set, we see Jeremy Grady doing what he does best:  sitting in the "Level Four Security Lab" working with numbers.  On this night, Jeremy worries about a possible problem with the code at the lab.  Since it was a code Jeremy wrote himself, he is perplexed at the issue.  Why?  "Numbers didn't lie.  Numbers were safe and certain and sure."  The key this time has to do with the title.  Jeremy superimposed the seven ancient wonders of the world on top of the seven modern wonders. 

As Jeremy continues to remain perplexed at the problem with the code, he is murdered.  As it described in the text, Jeremy's eyes go "wide" as he looks at something "jagged and white" that is sticking out of his chest. 

Now it is Jeremy's brother, Jack Grady, who has to find out who murdered his brother.  What is interesting is that Jack ends up searching the world on a sort of Seven Wonders wild goose chase in order to track down the killer:  Brazil, India, Peru, etc.  As Jack runs around the world searching for the murderer, Jack realizes that his brother was not only super smart, but may have come upon something really important about the Seven Wonders that has always been a secret. 

It isn't long before Jack Grady joins forces with Sloane Costa and the two find out the covert truth.  The secret is as follows:  there is a conspiracy to conceal a road map to the true Garden of Eden which proves the existence of an ancient culture full of a mythology of which no one has ever heard.

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