What is the summary of "Poetics for Bullies" by Stanley Ekin?

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rareynolds eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The story is about a bully, Push, and how his position of dominance in the neighborhood is threatened when a new kid, John Williams, shows up. John is the opposite of Push—cultured, smart, (apparently) wealthy, John wins all the kids over with his stories of India and his willingness to help them. Soon Push, who had ruled by fear, is left with no one to push around. He knows he will have to confront John, he and thinks that if he can get John to fight him, he will regain his position. He does hit John at recess, but John easily knocks him down and, far from being angry with Push, offers to help him up. All the kids encourage Push to be friends with John, but Push refuses. As he says at the end of the story, he has to keep his hate: "It's all I have."

kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This story is a parody. Push the Bully is the main character who despises other people's weaknesses. He hates everyone--kids who wear glasses, kids who talk funny, rich kids, poor kids etc. He bullies all of them.  He meets a new boy at school, Williams. Williams seems perfect because he doesn't appear to have any defects and he is not affected by Push's bullying. Through all of Push's attempts to be seen as above Williams, he fails and Williams is liked by the other kids at school. Even when Push tries to fight him, Williams wins and helps him up. The other kids persuade him to become friends with Williams. Push seems to begin to fit in, however he resists.  He chooses the outsider position again.

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