Could you please summarize the poem "The Waste Land' by T.S. Eliot?

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It isn't easy to summarize this poem.  There are so many images embedded, and a succinct summary will leave much out, but I will do my best for you.

The first part, entitled "The Burial of the Dead" is about death, just as the title suggests.  The images are of the changes in seasons, the passing of time, the death of plants, etc. in the midst of spring turning to summer which in turn changes to fall, and then winter.  There are also references to Germany, which to the audience of this poem at the time it was written would have evoked images of war since WWI had just ended.  He mentions also in this section that humanity is trapped in its own wasteland...rubbish left behind by the war, by dead feelings, by going through the motions of living without really living...a sort of depression of spirit, or walking in a fog...a living dead.

Section 2 of the poem, "A Game of Chess", is just what the title suggests:  a strategy for conquering your opponent.  In this section, Eliot moves from...

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