Sara Teasdale

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What is the summary of poem "Thoughts" by Sara Teasdale?

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Teasdale's poem lauds the notion of private intellectual reflection.  The fact that she repeats the lines, "Envy me the most" in reference to her ability to create thoughts away from the prying eye of society indicates that value she places on reflection and isolation from others.  Seeming to call back the image of Emily Dickinson and her creation of art in a privatized setting, Teasdale describes the wide and varied nature of her creation of thoughts where she and her reflections are all that are present.  The poet employs contrasting imagery to show the diverse nature of her ruminations.  The second stanza features a physical description of these thoughts using varying colors, while the third stanza contrasts through emotional imagery that display the timbre of thoughts in her mind.  Such opposition is reflection in the fourth stanza through the metaphors of flowers and the different connotations of each type mentioned.  The closing stanza repeats the initial one and emphasizes the speaker's assertion of how powerfully compelling it is to engage in reflection that is removed from the perceptions of others.  There is a very powerful theme of this poem when examining the early 20th century in which Teasdale is writing.  At a time when mass consumerism and celebrity were emerging in American culture, Teasdale's poem praises the notion of individuality and critical examination away from a social setting.

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