The Road Not Taken Explanation Line By Line

What is a line-by-line summary of "The Road Not Taken"?

Please give me a detailed line by line explanation so that i can understand it better

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First five lines:  The narrator comes to a split in the road and wishes he could take both.  He knows he can't and he looks down one road.  Some commentators think the part about the bend in the undergrowth is supposed to make the road sound scary.

Next five lines: The he looks at the other road and thought it was nicer because it was grassier and not as worn down.  But then realized the other one was about the same.  He seems to be saying that everything he thinks about the two roads is really illusion and they're both the same.

Next five lines: Continues the contradiction from the last stanza.  Then decides he'll take the other road some other day but also thinks he'll never come back.

Last five lines: He says that someday he'll look back and he'll say that taking the less-used road has made all the difference.

Overall, seems like he's saying it's all in his head.  The roads are the same but he will convince himself that they were different and that the difference was important.

brandih eNotes educator| Certified Educator

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josajoseph08 | Student

This poem is a metaphor of life. It tells about making choices and taking the right path.

1- The poet is describing a fork in the road. The 'yellow wood' suggests it is autumn season

2_3- The poet wants to go down both roads at once, but realizing that it is impossible, he dicides to choose one. Thus antethesis is used here.

4_5- He is thinking hard about his choice. He stares at one road, seeing where it goes but he can see only up to the 1st bend.

6_8-He looks at the other road and thinks it would be better as it hasnt been walked veery much. The word wanted means 'locked'. Thus alliteration is used.

9_10- He changes his mind and says both the roads are same in appearence.

11_12- Both the paths have been covered by leaves. They havent turned black by crushing them.

13- The poet decides to take the 2nd path. He kept the 1st one for later.

14_15- His hopes to come back and try the other path may be foolish as one path leads to another. He doesnt know whether he would come back.

16_17- (We jump forward in time) ZThis line is very important. The 'sigh' can be a sigh of satisfaction or a sigh of regret.

20- 'A difference' could either mean success or utter failiure. The poet is just saying that the choice he had to take was an important one.

princessalsa1234 | Student

1-There is a fork in  a wood."yellow wood" means that the season in the forest is autumn."roads diverged" it is a metaphor for choice. 

2-The poet now says that he cannot travel both the roads at the same time.

3-In this line the poet says that i have to travel one suitable road for me.

4-In this line the poet tells us that i looked at one road for sometime as far as he could.

5-In this line the poet is using a metaphor for future as it says "bent in the undergrowth".by this he means that he can see some consequences of the future.

6-7 Now he has chosen a the other road and in his eyes this road was better.

8-9 the poet choosed this road because this road was grassy and was less traveled.he thinks both roads were the same.

10-11 in this lines the poet says that both roads were alike and were the same. 

12-13 The one road which i choosed had been used less by travelers.he kept the first road so he would come back some day and try it.

14-15 he means by these lines that, one way is the key for another way and would he ever return to this place again.

16-17 poet tells us that in future  after many ages , either he regret or accept his decision its not clear because he uses the word sigh.

18-19 in this line poet remembers his past that once there were two roads and i took the grassy and less traveled one.

20-The poet says that my one decisions had affected my future and that's why now i am different than others

sheikhjalali | Student

The cocept of INDIVIDUALISM is describe in this poem by the poet which means to explore the ideas and everything new......

sheikhjalali | Student

Actually in this poet the concept of INDIVIDUALISM is describe which means to travel alone to explore the ideas and success......