What is the summary of the poem "Our Casuarina Tree" written by Toru Dutt?

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the beginning of the poem 'The Casuarina Tree'  the poet likens the Casuarina tree to a giant wearing a scarf of creeper. The creeper winds around the trunk like a python. We imagine the tree to be very tall, as it's summit is described as 'near the stars.' The tree is described as being gallant, and possibly brave, as few other trees could survive in the strangle-hold of this creeper. The poet then goes on to describe the life that thrives amid every facet of the tree (the baboon in its boughs, the crimson flowers,water lilies in its shadow.) But these are not the main reasons why the poet holds the tree so dear. The other is that it holds memories of loved ones, so strong that it brings tears to the poet's eyes. We then hear that the tree too is sad, and cries a lament. The poet continues with a description of how strong the image of the tree is, even when in lands far away. The poet wishes to consecrate the tree's memory and importance for the sake of those who are now dead - and looks ahead to his own death, hoping that the tree be spared obscurity (or that no-one will remember it.)

gyaneshanand | Student
By GYANESH ANAND St. Teresa's School : Bhagalpur ,Bihar '' THE CASUARINA TREE '' is one of the most touching poem by Toru Dutt who was born in Rambagan , Kolkata. She had two siblings Aru & Abju . Both of them died and Toru was gripped in deep melancholy. Actually this fact influences the entire lyric......... The casuarina tree is winded round by a networks of creepers which resembles a python curling and crushing its prey.The beautiful red flowers excucively decorate the entire casuarina teee.They attract the bees and birds to pearch over the colourful foliage.The poet says that a sweet music vibrates the whole garden at night. When the poet opens the window in the morning the first thing which comes across her eyes is the magestic Casuarina tree.In winter months the poet watches agrey baboon sitting motionless over the upper branches of the tree lile a statue watching the sunrise in the cool morning.While on the lower branches the poet finds the baby boboons playing about merrily.In the cimson sunlight she can also experience the kokilas singing happily.The water lilies are glowing in the tank under the shadow of giant casuarina tree whlie the cows are led to green pastures.Thus the gives a vivid descreption of casuarina tree. The Casuarina tree is very beloved to the poet.She says that she can hear a dirge like sound which is actally tree's lament over the death of her siblings who are no more.The poet meorises the Casuarina tree with her brothers and sisters like a companion .She used to play under the treein childhood with her sibligs which is dead now. The poet wants to make the tree immortal like the U-trees of Borrowdale sanctified by Wordsworth in his poertry.