what is the summary of the poem "to india my native land"?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As the title suggests, the poem is heavily influenced by national pride and love of country.  Derozio is attempting to bring back the glory of a nation that is no longer.  Writing in a period of colonization, Derozio is trying to invoke a time where the nation was its own entity, free from European clutches.  This nation was not "India" but rather "Hindustan" and there are many images present in the poem to show this "native" glory prior to the period of colonization.  Notice the use of the "beauteous halo," a type of transcendent quality of what the nation was as opposed to what it has become.  The continuous calls for "glory" is a hearkening to a time that has passed, and this is seen in other portions of the poem.  A nation that was once strong is now reduced to "groveling" and being "chained down."  Derozio is advocating for a change of current affairs in bringing a nation back to its previously independent state.