What is the summary of the poem 'The Frog and the Bird ' by Vera Hessey ?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The poem 'The Frog and the Bird ' by Vera Hessey is written in rhymed couplets arranged into four quatrains. The rhythm is irregular, resembling what is often called "doggerel", because the author seems to lack skill in use of metrical form. 

The poem is a short narrative consisting of dialogue and exposition. The two characters in the poem are a frog and a bird. The frog is sitting on a log, feeling drowsy. As the frog almost falls asleep, the bird above on a branch warns him that if he dozes, he might fall off. The frog responds that he can swim, and so would not suffer if he fell off the log into the stream.

Then the frog tells the bird that being perched so high is dangerous and if he falls he might die. The bird responds by pointing out that he can fly.