what is the summary of the poem "ariver"

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In essence the poem "A River" was about a river in Madurai a place famous for its poets and temples.  The poets saw the rivers drying up every summer and exposing the river beds which looked like the exposed ribs on a human suffering for lack of nutrients. In the same way the river is deprived of its nutrients. The straw  and the woman's hair show the different activities in the river and because of these activities there are malfunctions of the watergates. The bars are rusted due to water. There is a bridge that over the dam and the dam show old repair work done because of previous damage. The wet stones in the river bed look like crocodiles. Since only the backs of a crocodile are shown when floating in the water it resemble the stones. The dry stones resembles the buffaloes. Although buffaloes lay in water a long time their skin look dry because of the oily coating on their skin. Even though all these activities can be observed during the drought the poets only sang of the floods.


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the poem a river is about a river which flows through madurai.madurai is a city of temples and poets who have sung songs praising the city and its temples. every summer river dries up to a small streams .the dried up riverexposes sand ribs.there seems to be no life and the dried river gives a picture of something that is dead. one can find only straw, weeds and womens hair.all this waste blocks the water gates which look like rusted iron bars. there are bridges showing many spots of repiar and under them can be seen wet stones shining like sleepy crocodiles.the dry stones look like shaven water buffalloes basking in the sun.one day poet visited this beautiful city of madurai,which was flooded.people talked only about the floods but no one talked about the pregnant women washed away who was expecting twins. the old and the new poets finds the voilent mood of river more sensational and exiting than the dried up river. they are indifferent to the sufferings of ordinary people. author says that the river have enough water to be poetic. they only write about the superficial details and donot go into the depth of reality.poet wants to bring a point to the readers that those who gets affected by the floods are people like any one of us and their lives are also as precious as ours.........

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