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What is a summary of "The Phantom Rickshaw" by Rudyard Kipling?

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"The Phantom Rickshaw is a story within a story. The first person narrator tells us he was given the manuscript of the tale which will be summarized below, written when the author was suffering from a high fever and shortly before he died. The frame casts doubt on the ghost story that follows, but the very doubt the narrator suggests tends to make us want to believe the narrative is true, especially as the second narrator is so vehement.

This second narrator, Theobald Jack Pansay, falls in love with a married woman, Agnes Keith-Wessington. She falls more fully and devotedly in love with him. When Pansay tells Agnes he is tired of her and wants to break off the affair, she expresses her continuing devotion. This makes him hate her.

Later, Jack falls in love with Kitty Mannering and they become engaged. Jack, who now hates Agnes even more, tells her of the engagement. She insists it is a mistake and that...

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