What is the summary or paraphrasing of the poem 'To India My Native Land' by Henry Vivian Derozio ?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Derozio's poem is one that speaks to a love of the motherland and its unique qualities.  It speaks of a nation that was free, prior to it being ruled by foreigners.  Presumably, this is pre- Colonization.  The poem speaks of a nation whose glory of the past is in stark contrast to its present condition.  Notice the language used to bring forth such a juxtaposition.  The "beauteous halo" has been replaced with a vision of the eagle being "pinned down."  The "sad story of thy misery" is one where a glorious past has been disrupted by a current state of affairs.  The idea of what India, or Hindustan, was as opposed to what it is now is of vital importance to Derozio in the poem.  The ending of the poem seeks "one kind wish," which is a redemptive statement that speaks clearly to the idea of a vision of the future that is not as dire as what is right now.

eminemfann | Student

The poem expresses ones love and patriotic passion towards ones nation or motherland.The poet says that India is a country which had a glorious past and had the capabilities of providing spiritual leadership to the other nations but now India was enslaved.She has been subjugated by a foreign power.She has lost her honour and her prestige.the poet says that India is know suffering just like an eagle suffers when in chains.He wishes to dive into the past so that he could bring the fragments of India's glorious past and splendour them so as to inspire the present generationand arouse his countrymen to fight for India's lost honour and prestige.he will arouse this patriotic passion with such examples that human eyes will never see in the future.At last the poet in return asks for a kind greeting from his country and countrymen so that he may serve it better.

shizfs | Student


H.L.V Derozio's patriotism speaks out from every word of the poem and his heart wrenching feelings fill the cup of his offerings to his native land in this superb piece of poetry.The poet visualizes his native land to having a supreme position in the world which now has been degraded to the most menial possible.His beloved motherland has been compared by him to the elites-a deity with a halo,a loftily flying majestic eagle and a personality,whose praises used to compose the lyrics of the ministrels.Deeply saddened by the pathetic condition of his country,the poet resolves to try a last-ditch effort to revive the past glories.He wishes to venture to retrieve the lost fame of his country,now forgotten by mankind.He wishes to perform this in exchange of a mere good wish and blessing from his motherland.