Paradise Regained Questions and Answers
by John Milton

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What is a summary of Paradise Regained?

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Paradise Regained is John Milton's follow-up to Paradise Lost, his most famous epic poem. Milton begins the poem by explaining that it will serve as a continuation of Paradise Lost and an opportunity to complete the story. Paradise Regained explores Satans attempts to tempt Jesus in the desert through the perspective of Luke.

The story begins with John the Baptist's baptism of Jesus, after which Jesus went into the desert. Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights during which Satan visited him and tempted him first with food, next with ego, and then with riches. Jesus continues to rebuff Satan's attempts to take over his heart, soul, and mind.

Using the theme of hunger, Milton paints a tale of human Jesus who is starving both for food and spiritual peace. Satan cannot see that Jesus needs more than food, charm, and money, and his inability to understand that Jesus is still connected to God and has not had his spirit broken is his ultimate downfall. The story ends with Jesus triumphant and Satan spent.

Thus they the Son of God our Saviour meek
Sung Victor, and, from Heavenly Feast refresht
Brought on his way with joy; hee unobserv'd
Home to his Mothers house private return'd.

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