What is the summary or outline for the play Mulatto?

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Mulatto is a socio-political play about a victim of divided inheritance. The action takes place in the 1930s, on a plantation in Georgia, at a time when whites exercised complete control over blacks.

Colonel Thomas Norwood does not remarry after the death of his wife. Cora Lewis, a black woman, lives with him, manages the house, and takes care of all his needs. Cora and the Colonel have four children together. The mixed-race children are called "mulattoes." The Colonel educates the children, employs them on the plantation, and keeps a protective hand over them. However, he does not acknowledge them as a family.

The play dramatizes the conflict between the Colonel and his youngest mulatto son, Robert Lewis. Robert defies the white supremacist logic that denies him access to the front door of the house and to the Norwood family name. Robert kills the Colonel in a confrontation and shoots himself to escape the wrath of an enraged community determined to lynch him. Robert's struggle for...

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