What is the summary for Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again by Ola Rotimi?

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Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again is a 1977 comedy written by Nigerian playwright Ola Rotimi. It follows the story of the vain major-turned-politician Lejoka Brown, who has several wives. He married his first wife when he was a young soldier fighting in the Congo. His second wife, Rashida, was actually the wife of his elder brother who passed away and so Rashida married Lejoka Brown, as per tradition. He married his third wife, Sikira, in order to get more votes, as Sikira's mother was the president of the National Union of Nigerian Market Women. His fourth wife, however, is nothing like the rest of the them.

Lizzy is an independent and opinionated woman with a medical degree, who decides to come back home from America. Lejoka Brown goes to pick her up from the airport, however Lizzy's plane arrives early and she goes to Lejoka Brown's house on her own. She gets comfortable and proceeds to be affectionate, playful and open with her husband, much to the surprise of Lejoka Brown's other wives. At first, he is a bit shocked at her behavior and her "Western" mentality, but soon realizes that he very much enjoys Lizzy's presence. In the end, Lizzy manages to chase the other wives away and becomes Lejoka Brown's only wife.

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In short, Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again by Ola Rotimi is a very humorous play about the political struggles of modern Africa. The main character is Lejoka-Brown who is a member of the military and who has contracted many wives (unknown by his first wife) over the years.

Early in the play, we learn of Lejoka-Brown’s wives. Mama Rashida was his brother’s wife. Lejoka-Brown had to marry her according to tradition and due to his brother’s death. Sikira (the second wife) married Lejoka-Brown in order to advance him politically and, literally, to help him win the women’s vote. Then, of course, there’s Lizzy who (like the others) thinks she is the only wife. She comes back from the United States after completing her medical degree. It is here that the real comedy begins.

Lizzy’s plane lands earlier than usual in Nigeria, so she simply finds Lejoka-Brown’s father’s house and makes it her own. Lejoka-Brown, at that point, is on his way to the airport in order to prevent that very thing. After living in America for some time, Lizzy has adopted the Western view of “traditional” marriage and isn’t afraid to “chase” her husband, even after the three wives learn about each other. Many comic incidences ensue. Most notably, the title incidence, where Sikira runs from the house shouting, “Our husband has gone mad again!” This is her exit-line in that Sikira leaves the marriage once and for all here. It isn’t long before Mama Rashida does the same thing and, by the end, Lizzy has obtained her desire: Lejoka-Brown all to herself. Lizzy is now Lejoka-Brown’s one and only wife.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that as the play goes one, the watcher/reader learns that Lejoka-Brown is obviously not as educated as his wife, Lizzy, but that his political prowess puts them on the same level in Africa.

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