A Murder is Announced Questions and Answers
by Agatha Christie

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What is the summary for A Murder is Announced?

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A Murder is Announced is a lovely Miss Marple mystery story by Agatha Christie. The story begins when in the local newspaper of Chipping Cleghorn an advertisement in the paper announces that there will be a murder on Friday, October 29th at Little Paddocks at 6:30 pm. Despite the warning, the neighbors show up, many thinking that it is the invitation to a game. Letitia Blacklock is surprised by it but passes it off as a joke. At 6:30 that night, the lights go out. A man with a torch appears and threatens them to put their hands up. Everyone, assuming it's a game, does so. A gun goes off in the room. The guests panic, and the door slams shut. When the lights are returned, Letitia's ear has been grazed and the man with the gun is dead. His name is Rudi Scherz. It turns out that he had been asking for money a few days earlier. The police are called and after a short investigation, they decide that it was a suicide or a bizarre robbery gone wrong. 

As in most Miss Marple stories, the spunky...

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