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Winthrop's sermon is often reduced to only its final page or two, and this ignores his central arguments concerning the importance of love in what will be this new community. He discusses his idea that God makes people different—some are rich, some are poor, some are powerful, some not—and that he does so in order to preserve the whole. It is more glorious to God when we help one another rather than when he helps us. Therefore, if this community wants to serve God, they must love and serve one another.

Winthrop argues that this community of Puritans will need to be generous in order to survive. It is better to give than to keep. When we hoard our riches, it spoils, decays, gets stolen, and corrupts our hearts; therefore, it is better to share it around and take care of each other.

Winthrop describes this community as "one body," just as "true Christians are of one body in Christ." If one member suffers, all suffer. If one is selfish, one lacks God in one's heart, while generosity...

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