What is a summary of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow?

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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving is the tale of a schoolmaster from Sleepy Hollow, which is a village located near the Tappen Zee River in New York.  Ichabod was a tall and lanky man who taught singing lessons to some of the local children when he was not teaching school.  He loved eating and socializing with the villagers in Sleepy Hollow.  He was incredibly superstitious and was fascinated by the ghost stories told by the local women.  

Ichabod became smitten with one of his singing students, Katrina Van Tassel.  She was the only child of a well-to-do farmer.  Not only was Ichabod drawn to Katrina, but he also became fascinated with the idea of marrying her and someday inheriting all of her family's wealth.  Katrina had many other admirers, and among then was Brom Bones.  He was a strong man with a "Herculean frame."

Katrina's father held a party, which Ichabod was eager to attend.  He readied himself with care and borrowed a ragged old horse.  He attended the party, eating to his heart's content and dancing with Katrina.  On his way home, the skittish Ichabod came across the dreaded apparition which the locals often told stories of.  It was the headless horseman, the legendary ghost of a Hessian soldier.  The ghost chased Ichabod as he raced toward the brook.  

The next morning, Ichabod's horse, saddle, and hat were found.  There was no sign of Ichabod anywhere.  Rumor had it that he left that night and moved to another part of the state.  Brom Bones married Katrina, and he always appeared to know more than he let on whenever anyone told the story of Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman.

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