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What is a summary of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain, including key events, causes, effects, and key players?

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The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain in the mid/late 1700s. To summarize, the world essentially transitioned from a rural, agrarian society to a more urban one. Manufacturing and other industries began to evolve, which brought on a variety of changes for Great Britain and for the world as a whole.

One cause of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain was the amount of natural resources the country had. Coal and iron were prevalent. Moreover, these resources provided the energy for the machines that became the backbone of the revolution. One effect of the Industrial Revolution was the urbanization of the country. With more manufacturing centers being built, more people moved into towns and away from agrarian life. This resulted in exponential population growth and the development of cities.

One key player in Great Britain was James Hargreaves. He was able to create a machine that held multiple spools of thread. This was important for the textile industry, which experienced...

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