What is the summary of "I Heard the Owl Call My Name?" The language of novel is difficult for my students whose English is as their second language.

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Mark Brian is sent to the village of Kwakiutl to be a preacher.  Although he doesn’t know it, he is very sick.  Mark learns that Kwakiutl is a culture unlike his because the residents work as a community. They value family, generosity and cooperation.  Mark isn’t sure he can fit in with the Indians, but he is willing to try.  He first meets the villagers and learns that they value spirituality - some had a vision concerning his arrival.  He learns local legends and attends a potlatch, where a family provide food and give away gifts.  Mark goes on hunting, and starts to understand the relationship with nature.  He intervenes when he sees visiting medical personnel being rude to the people.  He gets closer to the villagers until Mrs. Hudson’s granddaughter comes home with her white fiancée, whose attitude towards the villagers is insulting.  Mark is considered guilty of being part of the bad influence of the white man.  Mark raises a baby seal and comforts Gordon’s dying mother.  He feels accepted by the village, who help him to build a new vicarage.  He argues with an anthropologist and lives through flooding and freezing.  He is honored by the village and, shortly after, hears the owl call his name – an Indian myth that suggests impending dies.  Mark dies in a landslide and is laid to rest by the village.

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