What is the summary for Gone Girl?

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a suspenseful thriller that quickly found its way to the New York Times Best Seller list. Flynn begins by telling readers about the marriage between Nick and Amy by alternating between the two of them as narrators. They recently moved to Nick’s home town in Missouri after they both lost their jobs in New York City, and Amy resents Nick for the move because she misses the city. On their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy disappears and Nick becomes a prime suspect in her murder. Nick is apathetic about her disappearance, and it is revealed that Amy was pregnant.

As the novel continues, we learn that both Nick and Amy are unreliable narrators. It is revealed that Nick was cheating on Amy and that Amy is not only alive, but she is also framing Nick for her murder. Both her pregnancy and diary entries, which serve as the narration in the earlier part of the book, are fake. She hides at a motel, but is then robbed. Not knowing where to turn, she contacts an ex-boyfriend, Desi, who takes her to his lake house, but then he becomes controlling and possessive.

Nick figures out that Amy is framing him based on the vague clues that he finds in his sister’s shed and the anniversary gift she left him. However, these clues are based on inside jokes, so he has no proof. Nick is interviewed by a popular talk show host, and during the interview, he acts apologetic and asks for Amy back. The public believes his lies, but the police find the items Amy left behind to frame Nick, and he is arrested. While at the lake house, Amy watches the interview and believes Nick. She murders Desi and returns back to Nick while he is out on bond. Amy says that she was kidnapped by Desi, and although Nick doesn’t believe her lies, they continue living as a married couple.

The deceit does not end there, however. Nick writes a memoir to reveal the truth about his wife, and when Amy finds out, she impregnates herself with Nick’s frozen semen. She then threatens Nick that she will keep their child from him unless he deletes the book. Nick decides to delete the memoir and stay with Amy for the sake of his child.

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The novel is full of many twists.  

Background: Nick and Amy Dunne are husband and wife.  They have been married for five years.  They are starting to grow apart, in part because Nick is having an affair.  On the day of their anniversary, Amy disappears and a bloody crime scene is left behind.

Nick is the number one suspect in the case because he does not act like a grieving husband and because of clues Amy left him before she disappeared as an anniversary scavenger hunt.  Huge credit card charges come up on Nick's cards, and a large number of electronics are found in the couple's shed.  This makes the detectives think that Nick was having money troubles and that he may have killed his wife.

Meanwhile, Amy is alive and well, and on the run.  She intends to kill herself and position her body so that it can be found and Nick could go to jail for murder.  She is using this plot as revenge.

She eventually decides not to kill herself, and contacts an ex-boyfriend, who invites her to stay at a secluded house.  Amy does not want his sexual advances and kills him.  She returns home, covered in blood, saying that her ex had kidnapped her but that she had escaped.

Nick does not believe Amy and confronts her.  She admits that she set him up.  However, in the eyes of the media, they are a happy, reunited couple.

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