What is the summary for "Ghana Must Go" by Taiye Selasi?

Expert Answers
jcross373 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The story focuses on Folasade Savage or Fola and her life as an immigrant in the United States. Fola moved to Pennsylvania and met her husband Kweku Saj. The couple has four children. Fola gives up her dreams of going to law school so she can be a mother to these children. Her husband is an exceptional surgeon who later loses his job. The loss of his job provokes him to leave his family and return to his homeland of Ghana. Kweku's death influences the family to return to Ghana. Fola's kids grow up to become very successful. The oldest child, Olu, succeeds as a surgeon, Kehinde becomes an artist, Taiwo a gifted piano player, and Sadie a wonderful dancer and Yale student.

The story "Ghana Must Go" is wonderfully written by Taiye Selasi, who was born in London, but comes from a Nigerian and Ghanian background. The author was raised in Massachusetts and wrote a very inspirational first novel.

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