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What is the summary for 'Gathering Blue?'

There is a girl named Kira. She has broken leg and is an Orphan. She was remembering her mother who died 4 years ago. His father died when she was a child but she was not sure. People say that her father was eaten by a beast. She was poor and homeless and called by council of guardians. She was assigned to repair the rope of gathering day because she was the only one in the whole village to do it. She meets Thomas with her best friend Mat and branchi (his dog). Matt got trashed by her mother and know want to find blue for Kira. Two days past and there was no sign of Matt and at the day of gathering he returned with blue and his father. His father wanted Kira should leave the village and go with him but Kira decided to work for council of guardians with her friend Thomas, Matt and Jo.

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The book Gathering Blue is the story of a young weaver named Kira who lives in a community.  The community is somewhat primitive and does not have running water and people live in cotts made out of brambles and sticks.  Kira's mother dies and Kira has to sit with her at the field per the way they mourn.  When she returns to rebuild her cott on her mother's space, another woman with a scar across her face challenges her for the land area. 

Kira has a foot that drags and has much pain from it.  She has to walk with a cane.  She would have been put in the field except her mother's father had some degree of power among the elders.  Her father was killed by the beasts while on a hunt.

Kira is brought before the elders and council is appointed for her.  She has remarkable abilities as a weaver so she spared.  Her land is given to the other woman.  Kira moves into a large nice room where she is assigned the task of repairing the singer's robe.  The task is very important.

Kira learns that there is another boy at the place named Thomas who is a gifted Carver.  Kira has a friend named Matt, a tyke and his dog, who are from the Fen.  The Fen is an area where the poorest live.  Unlike others in the community, Matt is kind and friendly and nurtures an injured dog.

During the night Kira and Thomas hear a child's cry.  They learn that a little tyke is locked up in a room.  She is a singer with a lot of talent.  The two sneak into hr room and offer little Jo comfort.  Thomas and Kira begin to become suspicious of what is occuring in their lives.

The day of the gathering when the singer is to sing Kira hears a scraping sound and so does Thomas.  They do not know what it is.  Matt comes back from a secret trip.  He has brought her the secret to making blue thread.  He also sneaks in a blind man who is wearing a blue shirt. 

Kira learns that the blind man is her father.  He tells her there never were any beasts only cruel men in the community.  It turns out that Jamison had clubbed and cut up her father to prevent him from getting a position as a council member.  Her father was left to die in the burial field.  People form a far away village had rescued him just as they had done for many others.

Matt is happy for Kira and tells her many people are broken in the far away village and she could find a husband there.  Kira's father wants her to go with him, but she suddenly begins to put everything together.  She realizes that the singer had his legs shackled and they had been bleeding.  The shackles scraping was the noise she had heard.

Kira decides to stay and write a better future through her weaving of the ceremonial robe that she is expected to decorate.  She is going to take a stand that she hopes will alter and create a better future for the community and the people.


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