What is the summary for Volume 3, Chapter 4 of The Monk?

Expert Answers
Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ambrosio is by Antonia’s side when she awakens from her drugged sleep in the crypt. He forces himself on her and rapes her. Afterwards, he is as disgusted with Antonia as he was with Matilda, who comes to warn him about the riot. In the confusion, Ambrosio kills Antonia in her attempt to escape.

Virginia visits Lorenzo as he is recovering from his grief, and the two become closer. Lorenzo convinces Agnes to tell of her experiences at the hands of the prioress. She tells of having awakened to the horrors of the tomb. With the putrid conditions of her surroundings and the pangs of hunger not expected to be assuaged, she many times contemplates suicide, but the thought of her unborn child prevents her. At length she is visited by the prioress, who admits that she purposely gave her an opiate rather than poison, so that she could carry out the punishment that she sees as fitting for Agnes’s sin. She will be imprisoned in the dungeon, with enough food to ensure her survival, nothing more. In the dungeon, Agnes gives premature birth to her baby, which soon dies. At length, no food is brought, and Agnes resigns herself to die, when she is rescued by Lorenzo.

Agnes and Raymond are married, and the couple leaves Madrid for Raymond’s castle, accompanied by Lorenzo and Virginia, who are also eventually married.