What is the summary for Volume 2, Chapter 4 of The Monk?

Expert Answers
Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ambrosio continues his visits to Antonia. He asks if there is not a man whom she has ever loved. She confesses that she has loved him since she first heard him speak. Misinterpreting her, he embraces her with passion. She resists him, insisting that she did not love him in that way, yet the priest continues to ravish her until her mother enters. Ambrosio pretends that nothing was happening, but Elvira had already suspected his designs on her daughter and tells him that his services are no longer needed. Rejected, Ambrosio returns to the monastery.

Matilda comes to his room and tells him she can help him to gain Antonia’s charms, even though she realizes she herself no longer holds his interest. He is interested in her help until she tells him that she can arrange for him to have Antonia for his own in the same way in which she was healed of the poison—witchcraft. Ambrosio is horrified and rejects her suggestion. However, when she shows him a magic mirror that reveals to him Antonia bathing, he agrees.

Matilda and Ambrosio return to the cemetery, where Matilda calls up the fallen angel, Lucifer, and receives his help. The devil’s help is in the form of a magic myrtle, which will allow Ambrosio to open any door, as well as satisfy his lust on Antonia without her knowing who is her ravisher. Ambrosio agrees, his lust is so strong. He has sold himself to the devil, and waits eagerly for midnight, at which time Antonia’s virtue will be his for the taking.