What is the summary for Volume 2, Chapter 3 of The Monk?

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Ambrosio and Matilda spend the night making love, Ambrosio no longer feeling the guilt of sin. Matilda speaks of a plan by which she can be healed from her poisoning. The next night in the cemetery, she performs some ritual of which Ambrosio can only see flashes of light and quaking of the ground. When Matilda returns, she is free of the poison, and free to be Ambrosio’s secret lover. (On a side note, while waiting for Matilda, Ambrosio overhears the prioress and another nun speaking of their plans concerning the punishment of Agnes). Yet as the week progresses, Ambrosio grows tired of her, using her only as an object to satiate his lust. His eye begins to wander, noticing the attractiveness of other ladies in his parish.

Ambrosio is approached by Antonia, who asks him to provide a confessor for Elvira, her dying mother. Ambrosio is immediately attracted to Antonia, and goes himself. He prays for Elvira, who begins to improve. Ambrosio agrees to come to visit them often, for the simple purpose of being with Antonia and hopefully seducing her.

Elvira confesses that she sees something familiar in Ambrosio, but she cannot pinpoint what it is. She and Antonia review the stories of the priest’s appearing at the monastery’s door as an infant, as if dropped from heaven.

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