What is the summary for Volume 2, Chapter 2 of The Monk?

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hannahhunt09 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Volume II, Chapter 2 of The Monk, Lorenzo tells Raymond that he supports him and understands that he has no ulterior motives in his pursuit of Lorenzo's sister Agnes. Further, Lorenzo explains that Donna Rodolpha, who opposed the idea of a relationship between Raymond and Agnes, has recently died and can no longer hold an opinion on the subject. In return, Lorenzo asks for Raymond's blessing on his own relationship with Antonia, and Raymond agrees willingly.

Raymond then goes back to his rooms and discusses poetry and the art of writing with Theodore, heavily discouraging Theodore from pursuing it as a career or hobby, since it can only bring unhappiness.

Elsewhere, Elvira becomes aware of Antonia's affection for Lorenzo and asks Leonella not to meet with him and Christoval. Leonella will not listen and soon sends Lorenzo a letter.

He follows the address on the letter and comes to their house. He tries to impress Elvira, but she is worried about her daughter and will not accept his flattery.

When Lorenzo leaves, Antonia and Elvira discuss Antonia's feelings towards him. Elvira tells her daughter why this match is a bad idea and tries to discourage their relationship in any way possible.

Agnes is confined by the Prioress and does not show up to meet Lorenzo and Raymond at the specified time. Lorenzo attempts to visit her, but is told she is very sick. He then tries to visit Antonia, but finds only Elvira, who again tries to discourage him from pursuing her daughter. He tells Elvira how much he loves Antonia, and she replies by telling him about her ancestors who had a similarly uneven marriage which caused much discord. Lorenzo begs to have Antonia's hand and promises to achieve the permission of the Duke of Medina. Elvira doubts the possibility of this and accepts. Lorenzo tells Elvira about Agnes' situation, and she sympathizes about the coldness of the Prioress.

Lorenzo and Raymond again return to the convent, where they are now told that Agnes and her child are both dead. They do not believe this but are at a loss for what to do next. Lorenzo decides to focus first on Antonia and the possible marriage. Raymond keeps trying to visit the convent and attempting to find out more about Agnes.

Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Raymond finishes his story, Lorenzo agrees to help him elope with Agnes. He then goes to visit Elvira (Raymond’s half-sister and the mother of Antonia) to ask for permission to court Antonia. However, Elvira is very fearful of her daughter facing the prospect of being rejected by Lorenzo’s family, just as she herself was rejected by the Cisternas. Despite Lorenzo’s pleadings, Elvira suggests to both Raymond and to Antonia that they resist their love. Lorenzo promises that he will get his family’s blessing so that will calm Elvira’s fears.

In the meantime, Lorenzo tries to visit his sister Agnes in the convent, but is told that she is too ill to see him. He has sent to Rome to receive a papal bull releasing Agnes from her vows so that she may honorably marry Raymond without fear of retribution. When the prioress of the abbey is presented with the papal bull, she tells Lorenzo that his sister died several days before. Lorenzo does not believe it, but knows that is simply the prioress’s way to relieve the shame that having a pregnant nun would have on the abbey. However, after two months, there is no other word concerning Agnes. In the meantime, he has secured his family’s blessing on his hoped-for marriage with Antonia.