What is the summary for Volume 2, Chapter 1 of The Monk?

Expert Answers
Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Raymond tarries at the home of the baroness and her husband when he meets her niece Agnes. The two fall in love, and Raymond goes to the baroness to ask for her blessing. Instead, the baroness speaks of her own love for Raymond. When he refuses her advances since his heart belongs to another, she vows vengeance on the woman he loves. She discovers that it is her own niece, Agnes, and intends to send her to the convent to which she had been pledged immediately.

Raymond and Agnes make plans to elope. Agnes tells him of the bleeding nun, a ghost who haunts the castle. Agnes plans to dress as the bleeding nun when she escapes with Raymond. On the night of the elopement, Agnes dressed as a nun meets Raymond, and the two drive away. The carriage crashes, and when Raymond awakens, he finds the nun Agnes is gone with no sign of her. He is seriously injured and requires several months to heal. He learns that it was not Agnes but the ghost of the bleeding nun herself who was with him.

With the help of an exorcist, Raymond learns that the bleeding nun is a distant ancestor, and he is responsible for burying her bones and so release her from her hauntings.

Raymond afterward is waylaid by assassins sent by the baroness. He finds Agnes in the convent and takes the disguise of the convent gardener. There he overcomes Agnes, earning her rejection. However, when she discovers that she is pregnant, she begs him to come to rescue her.