What is the summary for Volume 1, Chapter 3 of The Monk?

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Lorenzo confronts Raymond concerning his relationship with his sister Agnes and his being identified as Alphonse d’Alvarada, who tried to elope with Agnes. Raymond tells his story.

Raymond desires to spend some time traveling. His father agrees supplying him with money, but on the condition that he conceal his rank. Raymond takes the name Alphonse d’Alvarada and sets out to Germany. On the way, his chaise is incapacitated. His servant finds him some lodging at a nearby cottage. Raymond is welcomed by Baptiste, the owner, but his wife is anything but congenial. Another party, a baroness and her retinue (whom Raymond had noticed earlier before he left the place where he had been staying), also stop for the night. Receiving a sign of bloody sheets on his bed from Marguerite, Baptiste’s wife, Alphonse realizes that something is amiss. Raymond discovers that he has fallen into a group of murderers, who waylay travelers to kill and rob them. He avoids being drugged and manages to escape with the others, along with Marguerite, who kills Baptiste. They make it to Strasbourg, where Marguerite shares her story of illicit love with a bandit, by whom she has two children, and being forced into marriage with Baptiste. She returns to the home of her father, and Raymond continues his travels, taking along Marguerite’s son, Theodore, as a servant.

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