What is the summary for Part 4, Chapters 7-9 of Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books?

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Sanaz returns from Turkey, sharing her pictures with "restrained elation." Yet, a few weeks later, she announces that the wedding is off. Her fiancé decided he could never make Sanaz happy. The girls discuss the untrustworthiness of men.

When Nafisi discusses this with the magician, he chides her for confusing the worlds of fantasy, that of the Islamic Republic and that of literature. She should not blame the regime for the tragedies of a young girl. She should not give it that much power.

Yassi discusses the courtship of one gentleman, whom she eventually discarded as not worthy. Sanaz, after her rejection, has been dating several different boys, but is not serious about any of them. Azin is still encountering problems with her husband, and the divorce is much harder to come by as her attorney had hoped.

The girls (and Nafisi) come back again to the possibility of immigrating to America. Though there are serious financial drawbacks, all of them dream of the freedom for women that is to be found there. Nafisi has discussed this with her husband, but he states that Iran is their home (though most of his family is in America).

Mr. Nahvi continues his classroom objections to Western literature. Jane Austen, he says, is a pro-slavery colonial writer. The girls have taken to calling Mr. Nahvi "Mr. Collins," after the character in Pride and Prejudice. Mitra recounts how she has received a love letter from him.

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