What is the summary for Part 4, Chapters 23-26 and the Epilogue of Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books?

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While writing in a coffee shop, Nafisi is approached by a former student, Miss Ruhi. Nafisi remembers how she had objected to what she called the immorality of characters in the novels they were studying, most notably Wuthering Heights. Miss Ruhi tells Nafisi that she is now married with a young daughter, whom she has given the secret name "Daisy," after the main character in Daisy Miller, a book she once had condemned as immoral. She misses college, she says, and reminiscences with Nafisi, even though she says she didn’t really like college at the time.

Nafisi meets one last time with her girls in a coffee shop. They take pictures to aid their memories. They discuss their plans, and how those plans have changed.

Nafisi also meets for a final good-bye with the magician. Nafisi tells him she would like to write a book about what Iran has taught her, about literature and life. The magician warns her that she cannot write about Iran without writing about her friends.

Nafisi fantasizes about adding one more article to the Bill of Rights, in which the right to free access to imagination is guaranteed. She believes that true democracy cannot exist without the freedom to imagine without restrictions.

Nafisi leaves Iran for America on June 24, 1997.

The girls and Nafisi keep in touch for a while, some she loses touch with. Some of them join her in leaving Iran, coming to Canada and America. She never again hears from her friend, the magician.

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