What is the summary for Part 4, Chapters 13-15 of Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books?

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Nafisi is spending more and more time grumbling and complaining, which causes Bijan to become more withdrawn. She resents that he accepts their conditions without complaining.

In the class, the group discusses the importance of the physical side of sex, as perceived by the woman. They have been taught that it is not important, and they all lament their loss and their ignorance about this side of human relationships, even those that are married. Nafisi plans to bring this topic to their discussion of Jane Austen.

Nafisi discusses Charlotte Bronte’s disdain for Jane Austen. Bronte states that Austen lacks passion, a judgment with which Nafisi disagrees. She states that Austen’s depiction of passion is more in the tension between the two characters, in their conversation, rather than in physical touch. The tension is important as long as the object desired is distant, which is why Austen’s depiction of married couples is usually not positive.

At a dinner party, a guest tells about a bus of writers who were stopped on their way to Armenia to a conference. The plot was discovered that they were to be pushed over the edge of a cliff, making it seem like an accident.

More accounts of plots against writers and other intellectuals are told. There are arrests, kidnapping, and murders. The officials give reports that they met their deaths in accidents, but most people know the truth. Nafisi grieves for these friends and colleagues.

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