What is the summary for Part 3, Chapters 7-9 of Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books?

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Nafisi calls her friend, whom she calls "the magician." They begin to meet twice a week to discuss issues, as well as literature.

Nafisi begins to get requests from universities to come back to teaching. Citing that things have become more "liberal," they try to convince her that wearing the veil is a small price to pay, but Nafisi is not convinced. She teaches a class or two, but does not contemplate compromising her convictions in order to return to full-time teaching.

She is introduced to Mrs. Rezvan, an English teacher at the Allameh Tabatabai University. At their meeting, Mrs. Rezvan offers her a job at the university, which she says is one of the most liberal universities in Iran. They desperately need to revitalize the English literature department and need professors of Nafisi’s calibre. Nafisi hesitates, and then decides she needs to discuss this with the magician.

Nafisi and the magician meet to discuss the possibility of her taking the position, though it would mean compromising and wearing the veil. The conversation wanders into other directions until time to leave, when Nafisi again asks for his advice. The magician tells her that, of course, she must teach. She loves teaching; it is important for the students to have teacher like her, in order to hold out hope for the future course of the nation. She must compromise only as far as she can, without compromising fundamentals. Nafisi decides then to take the teaching position.

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