What is the summary for Part 3, Chapters 28-30 of Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books?

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The war begins to wind down, with the first of many cease-fires. The first one lasts only two days, before the attacks resume. Nafisi and a friend make bets as to how long each cease-fire will last. Though many citizens who had left during the bombings begin to return, the continued attacks force them to leave once again.

Amidst the cease-fires, the people of Tehran become more outspoken against the war. There is outward rebellion against regulations, especially the dress code for women. Soon, rumors of chemical bombs developed by Iraq frighten the citizens. In time, Iraq does indeed start chemical warfare, bringing an entirely different fear to the people. Most districts in Tehran now show some sign of having been hit by bombs.

Nafisi meets again her former student Mina, who continues to write. Mostly she is translating English literature and has some difficulty with her publisher. She is a meticulous translator, while her publisher wants her to make the novels more "accessible" to the general reader. She discusses with contempt the current translations of some of the works she has used in her writing.

Mina and Nafisi talk about the difficulty of James’s prose. However, there is still no real thought of giving him up. They take turns discussing the "worst" passages from novels they have read.

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