What is the summary for Part 3, Chapters 19-21 of Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books?

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The attacks on Tehran continue. Nafisi and her family try to "bomb-proof" their home as much as they can. Compared to the previous attacks, Nafisi is more calm and in control.

Nafisi is given tickets to a showing of The Sacrifice, a Russian film by Andrei Tarkovsky, an exiled director. Though it is censored and in Russian (with no subtitles), Nafisi enjoys the experiences. She believes that the large crowd for the film and the audiences appreciate because it is the result of sensory deprivation, that for so long they have been deprived of quality films, except those from Eastern Europe or Iranian propaganda films.

A certain routine develops from the bombings. After each attack, friends and family call each other to determine their welfare. After eight years of war, the Iranian government still has not provided any means of protection for its citizens. Much of the population of Tehran has left, turning the capital into something of a ghost town. Through the terrifying night attacks, Nafisi reads, mostly mysteries, which eventually inspires her to add a mystery unit to her classes.

As the bombings continue, classes move to safer locations. Nafisi notices the growing importance of zealots like Mr. Ghomi. They have a new sense of urgency. Yet, after eight years of war, the general population is becoming more anti-war. Though they cannot openly speak out against the conflict, they show their resistance by resignation. They have no enthusiasm for the war or its causes.

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