What is the summary for Part 3, Chapters 13-15 of Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books?

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Nafisi finds a note under her office door that reads, "The adulterous Nafisi should be expelled." When she brings it to the department head’s attention, he states that he has received an identical one. While the university is identified as "liberal," this means, not that they will take action to prevent this kind of thing from happening again, but simply that they will not take action against Nafisi because of it.

In Nafisi’s class, she finds an old student, Mahshid, whom she remembers from seven years previously. When Nafisi has a chance to visit with her, she learns that Mahshid had been imprisoned for distributing leaflets.

One student in her class, Mr. Ghomi, is a source of irritation. He constantly objects to everything Nafisi says in the discussion of Daisy Miller.

The discussion of Daisy Miller and Washington Square continue to be battlegrounds for Mr. Ghomi’s benefit. After class, two female students approach Nafisi and explain the silence of the rest of the class. Though they ardently disagree with Mr. Ghomi and another objector, Mr. Nahvi, they do not speak up fearing reprisals. If they tell the truth, the will be reported. They do not say what Mr. Ghomi wants to hear because they do not want to hurt Nafisi. They find silence is the safest course for all. They want Nafisi to know how much they appreciate her class. Nafisi, however, wants to know how much they appreciate Daisy Miller.

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