What is the summary for Part 3, Chapters 10-12 of Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books?

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Nafisi meets with the university officials. She states that she will wear the veil simply because it is the law of the land, but she will not compromise on the content of her teaching. The head of the English department agrees reluctantly, because the university needs quality instructors.

Nafisi begins teaching with a heavy class load. Though she wears the veil, she wears it in a careless manner. This is one of the ongoing battles between Nafisi and the university, though Mrs. Rezvan acts as an intermediary between the two.

The war with Iraq continues to escalate and draw closer. There are attacks during the night, causing Nafisi to lose much sleep as she tries to protect her family. Often she wakes up in the middle of the night and huddles in the hall outside of her children’s bedroom door.

As she waits for the bombs to cease, she reads Daisy Miller by Henry James. In the story she comes upon the phrase "You needn’t be afraid." Though the context is different, in that Daisy is trying to convince Winterbourne that he needn’t be afraid of telling her the truth, Nafisi draws comfort from it in her very tense situation.

Nafisi’s preparations of her apparel for class becomes a ritual, a type of inner rebellion. She resents the intrusion into the university of the propaganda from Khomeini’s regime. It makes her forget her purpose in being at the university, to teach literature.

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