What is the summary for Part 3, Chapter 5 of The Underdogs?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Demetrio and his troops enter Juchipila as the church bells ring, "loud and joyfully".  They are reminded of the old days when the revolution was just beginning, and the bells in the towns they passed through rang with welcome at their arrival.  Demetrio notes drily that "they don't like us anymore...they don't give a damn for the other side either". 

Juchipila is in the midst of a fiesta, being celebrated in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The men remember that "one year ago they had captured Zacatecas", and they are saddened.  Juchipila, like the other towns through which they have just passed, lies largely in ruins, with "the black trail of the fires show(ing) in the roofless houses, in the charred railings".  Searching for food, the soldiers find "a single lunchroom" which is open among all the shuttered buildings.  They enter, but are not received graciously; there are "no beans, no tortillas, only chili and salt".  In vain, the officers use threats, or "show their pocketbooks stuffed with bills", but to no avail.  The insolent owner scoffs at their attempts, telling them she has "already slept with a dead man to cure her from ever feeling frightened again".  In the "melancholy and (desolate)" town, the people no longer look upon the revolutionaries as heroes, and they will not help them.  To the people, Demetrio and his men are now just a band of outlaws (Part 3, Chapter 5).