What is the summary for Part 3, Chapter 2 of The Underdogs?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The prisoners are brought before Demetrio.  He accuses them of being deserters, which they at first deny.  One of the soldiers suggests that they are Carranzistas, to which they reply scornfully that they would rather be pigs.  The prisoners admit then that they are indeed deserters, who have fled from Villa's army after that great General's defeat by Obregon at Celaya.  At first the rebels do not believe the prisoners, because to them, the thought of anyone vanquishing Pancho Villa is ludicrous, but Demetrio is worried.  One of the deserters recognizes Demetrio, and remembers his exploits in Torreon and Zacatecas.  With that, the prisoners go into "a detailed account of the tremendous defeat of Villa at Celaya".

Demetrio and his troops are stunned at the news.  Anastasio goes to fetch Valderrama, who habitually goes to hid whenever he thinks there is the danger that blood is going to be shed.  Anastacio tells Valderrama the news about Villa, to which Valderrama, ever the poet, disdainfully responds,

"What do I care?...I love the Revolution like I love the volcano that's erupting!  The volcano because it's a volcano; the Revolution because it's the Revolution!...But the stones left above or below after the cataclysm?  What are they to me?"

Demetrio reacts to Valderrama's words with a smile, observing, "this crazy fool...sometimes (he) make(s) you think".  A pall falls over the spirits of the rebels, however.  Now that the great Villa has been defeated, they fear that they too are doomed (Part 3, Chapter 2).