What is the summary for Part 3, Chapter 1 of The Underdogs?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The chapter opens with a letter from Luis Cervantes to Venancio.  Cervantes has escaped north to El Paso, Texas.  He expresses regret but not surprise upon hearing the news that Pancracio and Manteca have killed each other "over the gambling table".  Cervantes advises Venancio that the latter might not find it easy to bacome a doctor in the United States, but offers an alternate suggestion instead.  He thinks that the two of them might "do a fine business" in the United States if they were to open a restaurant together.

Cervantes's missive makes the rebels start to wonder why they keep fighting.  Their nemesis, Huerta, and his Federation, have been vanquished, yet still the outlaws fight on.  Some of the soldiers offer an ironic but most likely true evaluation of their condition, noting, "If a man has a rifle in his hands and a beltful of cartridges, it can be only for fighting.  Against whom?  For whom?  That's never mattered to anyone!"

The men, who are dying of thirst, stumble upon a hut in the desolate area in which they are traveling.  The men who inhabit the hut run away in fear when they see the tattered troops, and Demetrio commands his men to catch them and bring them before him.  Valderrama objects, saying the men are their brothers.  Although Demetrio responds by smiling benevolently, he does not countermand his orders (Part 3, Chapter 1).