What is the summary for Part 2, Chapters 4-6 of Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books?

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The University of Tehran when Nafisi was an instructor there was the center of revolutionary activities. Nafisi is almost oblivious to all this. Her focus is on literature and preparing for her classes.

Nafisi’s first term at the University of Tehran began in September 1979. Nafisi’s classes are in a large lecture hall in a building built in the 1930s. Her nerves quickly settle down as she immerses herself in her passion for the books she is teaching.

In the background, changes are increasing in Iran. The battle over the constitution between the secularists and the fundamentalists is raging. Nafisi begins to recognize the political leanings and beliefs of some of her students.

Often classes are boycotted or canceled because of student demonstrations. However, Nafisi’s classes continue, being well attended and meeting fairly regularly. Nafisi has one particular student, whom she always calls Mr. Bahri. He makes sure that the relationship remains formal at all times, but Nafisi notices that his lop-sided grin has a tendency to portray a certain smugness and superiority.

Mr. Bahri suggests that Nafisi include more revolution literature in her classes. This begins a discussion on the implications of the revolution on literature. She becomes so excited that she reaches out to take his hands. He pulls away, since it is inappropriate for a woman to touch a man not her relative, and vice versa. Nafisi is stunned, and the experience stays with her.

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