What is the summary for Part 2, Chapters 22-24 of Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books?

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Nafisi returns home after class, walking down streets she roamed in her youth. The city is covered by a heavy snow, and she remembers walking with a friend to a pastry shop to get cream puffs made with real cream.

The streets she walks down have changed. The snow is dirty from pollution, many of the shops and cinemas burned down, her girlhood friend is in exile. She remembers being anxious to come home from school, only to find a strange new land. It is from that feeling that she finally understands what exile truly is.

When spring semester begins, there is an ominous feeling in the air. There is a rumor that the government will shut down the universities. This rumor is based on a speech by Hashemi Rafsanjani, the speaker of Parliament. He said that the universities were to be the spearhead of the cultural revolution, training leaders for the Islamic Republic.

In time, the rumors are confirmed. There is to be a "cleansing" of the universities, to rid them of "decadent Western culture."

Going to classes becomes more difficult every day. There are meetings, demonstrations, sit-ins, etc., drawing students and faculty away. The demonstrations become violent. At one event, shots rang out and the demonstrators fled. Nafisi learns that the murdered and wounded are taken to a nearby hospital, but when she gets there, she discovers that the bodies have been hijacked to prevent the public learning about the massacre.

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