What is the summary for Part 2, Chapters 13-15 of Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books?

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When Nafisi was living in Oklahoma, one of the rival student groups held a convention in Oklahoma City. One of the rival group’s members was suspected of being an agent for the Iranian secret police, infiltrating the group. The rest of the group decided to force a confession out of him, using torture. They lured him into a Holiday Inn and began burning his fingers with cigarettes. However, the suspect managed to escape.

The following day, FBI agents brought the suspect back to the convention. He is brought before the group and dared to "spill" to the FBI. However, facing the pressure of the group, he did not inform against them.

Nafisi continued to take part in the demonstrations put on by the intellectuals. One of the women speakers she became acquainted with years later. She asked Nafisi to speak at a conference. As Nafisi was speaking, her veil slipped back, showing her hair. The woman was reprimanded for allowing such inappropriate behavior.

Dr. A, the official who interviewed her, is falling out of favor. He is put on trial by students for supporting a prison guard, who is a former student.

When Nafisi confronts Mr. Bahri about the students’ trials of professor, he tries to explain that "things have changed." Nafisi realizes that the tide is beginning to turn against her as well.

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