What is the summary for Part 2, Chapters 1-3 of Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books?

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Nafisi describes the Tehran airport and its effect on her. As a child, she and her brother had always considered the airport in Tehran hospitable and magical. Yet now she is home, but the airport is not welcoming. It is a place of anxiety.

She is searched a second time. The security officer looks through her luggage, especially at her books, which include Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Though they look at it smugly, they do not confiscate it. That, Nafisi says, will come later.

After attending school in England and Switzerland, Nafisi returns home and gets married, but as soon as she accepts his proposal that she will divorce him. She must wait until her father is released from prison, which doesn’t happen for three years. She also must agree to give up alimony.

In 1977 she marries Bijan Naderi, her current husband. They had met two years before at Berkeley. She loved him for his loyalty to what he felt was most important, yet did not support the more radical elements of the revolution when it came.

On her return to Iran, Nafisi applies for a teaching position with the English Department of the University of Iran. During the interview, Dr. A asks Nafisi why she changed her dissertation. She explains her growing fascination with the writings of Mike Gold, an editor for a radical literary journal in the 1930s. Eventually accepting the position, she is overwhelmingly excited over her new post.

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