What is the summary for Part 2, Chapter 9 of The Underdogs?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The troops are retreating from a "futile maneuver", a pointless confrontation against " a handful of routed Federals...a poor devil of a priest and a hundred misguided followers".  Demetrio and Camilla bring up the rear of the group.  The men are in high spirits, having collected a large amount of plunder.  Manteca exclaims that "it's fun fighting this way...you know why the hell you're risking your hide".  Cordoniz exults, "exhibiting the gold watches and rings stolen from the priest's house", and calculates that he "has collected all of (his) back pay, and then some".

Guero Margarito appears to be dragging a prisoner along with him, a fat Federal who "breathe(s) with difficulty...his face..sunburnt, his eyes red, and his forehead drip(ping) with sweat".  He is on foot with his wrists bound together.  Sadistically, Guero pretends that he is going to kill the man, pressing the muzzle of his gun against the prisoner's breast and pulling his finger on the trigger - slowly.  Guero takes great pleasure in the fear he sees in the Federal's face.

Camilla is disgusted by Guero's behavior, and complains to Demetrio, who gives no response.  Pintada, however, calls Camilla aside and warns her that Guero is her (Pintada's) sweetheart, and that "his business is (her) business".  Frightened, Camilla hurries to catch up to Demetrio (Part 2, Chapter 9).