What is the summary for Part 2, Chapter 8 of The Underdogs?

Expert Answers
troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Demetrio and a bunch of his old comrades were getting drunk together.  Their spirits were such that they were laughing at how Pancracio even shot a civilian, leaving him in the street, because he resembled a "city man."  The party was continuing on in the general store when Luis pushed his way through to make an announcement.  They was a messenger who was sent to tell them to go immediately to pursue and capture Orozco and his men.  This brought much needed delight to the men in the room. "Faces that had been dark and gloomy were now illumined with joy."

The men are excited to go in pursuit of Orozco and begin their journey to Jalisco.  Demetrio has long been looking forward to a real fight, pitting "themselves against real men." So far it had been too easy to pick off the Federals "like so many rabbits or wild turkeys."  Demetrio commands the men to give Camilla the mare as they were saddling up their horses.  War Paint tries her best to explain the weak and sick condition of Camilla, in order to get her out of going and sneak her back home, but Camilla decides to to along with them.  She tells War Paint that "she's beginning to fall for him" after all.  Frustrated, War Paint stomps off to Blondie, who was saddling her horse up for her.  Perhaps she was not trying to help Camilla, but she was trying to keep Demetrio to herself.  This would explain her frustration.