What is the summary for Part 2, Chapter 7 of The Underdogs?

Expert Answers
troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Quail begins this chapter explaining to the others that Demetrio had sent them with Luis to go back and get Camilla from her camp.  The men joke of how Luis tricked Camilla into going away with him.  He was only taking her to Demetrio, but he led her to believe that she was going away to be with him.  She had been so depressed since he'd left that she'd even lost some weight for a lack of eating. So when Luis came for her, she jumped at the chance to be with him.  Luis knew that using this tactic would be the only way to get her to go with him.  She went very willingly, according to Quail.  "She was so damned happy she was gabbing all the way."

Camilla tells all of this to War Paint through her swollen, red-rimmed eyes.  War Paint creates a plan for her to get her back home, away from these men and especially Demtrio.  Camilla will fake illness, claim she has a fever, and War Paint will "stay to take care of [her], [and] as soon as [she's] feeling all right again, [they'll] catch up with them."  However, War Paint's plan is that she will take Camilla back home.  Either War Paint has a sweeter side to her through offering to help Camilla, or she doesn't want to share Demetrio with her. Either way, War Paint is going to help Camilla so she is not forced to be Demetrio's girl.