What is the summary for Part 2, Chapter 5 of The Underdogs?

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troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Demetrio and his men are making their way across the sierra.  They are looking forward to meeting up with and defeating Monico.  Demetrio is at the head of the riders, wearing his best clothing.  Colonel Anastasio, Lieutenant-Colonel Pancracio, Majors Luis and Blondie are following just behind him.  Further back yet are War Paint who is wearing her silk evening gown.  The gown is hiked up to her knees as she rides, and her dirty stockings are full of snags and runs.  She is riding with Venancio.

They arrive in Moyahua near sunset and find a large house, most likely one belonging to a cacique.  Although locked up tight, their forced entry brings them face to face with women and children scurrying to safety. 

Demetrio demands any guns and money that they have, and he also asks them where Monico is.  The woman who comes forward brings them an old shotgun and later an old dusty wallet with little money in it.  She claims not to know Monico.  Demetrio commands his men to attack, and Monico jumps out of hiding, bearing a gun and begging for his life.  As he begs, Demetrio flashes back to his house burning down and the figure of a woman carrying a child in the distance.  He lets them all go, but when his men begin looting, he demands that they stop.  He orders Luis to torch the house, and "no one could account for the strange behavior of the general."