What is the summary for Part 2, Chapter 3 of The Underdogs?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cervantes arrives at the banquet with a beautiful girl, "barely fourteen", whom he introduces as his future wife.  She is seated between Cervantes and Guero, and the alcohol flows freely.  Pintada, noticing that Guero can't take his eyes off Cervantes's bride, makes a comment about him.  The orchestra plays raucously, the food is delicious, and everyone drinks "copiously".

After dinner, Cervantes rises to make a toast.  Pintada interrupts, saying "speech making isn't for me", and heads to the corral.  Cervantes presents Demetrio with a small brass eagle to celebrate his promotion, and others, including the tongue-tied Anastasio, make toasts also. 

When Meco's turn comes, Pintada rushes in, dragging "a splendid black horse into the dining room".  The men look at her catch with envy.  Everyone keeps drinking, and some begin to nod off, but Guero, exceedingly drunk, suddenly screams that he is tired of living and feels like killing himself; he is "sick and tired of Pintada", and Cervantes's bride will not look at him.  Guero takes a gun and tells the boys that he is going to shoot himself in the forehead.  He takes aim at a reflection of himself in a large mirror on the opposite wall.  When he fires, the mirror breaks into big, jagged pieces.  The bullet grazes Pinatada's hair in its flight, but "she (doesn't) even blink" (Part 2, Chapter 3).